PTFE Tube Pneumatic Testing


Why fluoroplatic tubes needs to do Pneumatic Testing ?

Customers often use fluoroplastic tubing (such as PTFE tube) in extreme environment to transfer chemical, oil or gas. It needs to make sure tubes are leak-free. Suniu will eliminate worries by Pneumatic testing of each roll tube.


What is Pneumatic Testing ?

Pneumatic testing is procedure that utilizes air pressure to test tubing for leakage. Often this is done by putting tube in water,and watching for leaks.This method not only identifies leaks but also cleans and dries the tube, allowing the tubes to go immediately back into service at the end of the test.


How do we test leakage of tubing ?

Many factories in China don´t have such equipment to test leakage. They judge by naked eyes to save cost.

As a professinal manufacturer, Suniu built a testing unit to de pneumatic testing. Our testing machine is designed flexible for different sizes tubing: Air testing range from 0.3bar to 30bar.   


 To get reliable quality, Suniu factory do 100% testing for each tube by roll(100m/200m). Every roll will be tested with water at 1.2~1.5 times working pressure before package.




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